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Judi McKeown, Singer/Songwriter

I am delighted to offer a sound file* of my dear friend, Judi McKeown,
singing the song which came from my original poem Waves of Sorrow when
she added a haunting melody and additional lyrics. THANK YEW, Judedarlin'!



Click to hear "Waves of Sorrow"

*Please note: this is a "rough" 8 track recording;
a redone and beautifully mixed version will be on Judi's CD "Breathe," coming soon to a "Mudcat" store near you!

To Kat LaFrance's book, "WindWords of Wyoming," which includes "Waves of Sorrow."

Waves of Sorrow - lyrics

Oh does thou know, then, of my heartache
Oh, weary man o'the sea?
It bends and breaks unto the ground
For my love belongs to thee.

For, I, a simple woman be
Yet, the sea, she be your bride,
And, in sorrow now I wander
Twixt the movements of her tide.
Waves of Sorrow, waves of sorrow, waves of sorrow.

Lost thee I have, alas, and now then
I see her shine 'neath glow of moon.
So I will go...a wave shall take me,
Carried off to meet my doom.

Then gather'd he, at midnight's rest
He spied her ghostly pale divide
'tween mournful dunes and eerie shoreline
As he sailed in on ev'n's tide.
Waves of Sorrow, waves of sorrow, waves of sorrow.

The maiden fair, his bride, his mistress
La Mer, she whispered, come to me.
So there he dwelt on Waves of Sorrow
Awaiting death to set him free.
Waves of Sorrow, waves of sorrow, waves of sorrow,
Waves of sorrow, waves of sorrow, waves of sorrow.

2004 Kat LaFrance - All rights reserved

Taransay, Scotland